Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wilson & Wilson charge a Consultation Fee?

Typically Yes. Often times we waive our consultation fee based on the initial meeting with a potential client. This is not always the case, and when we do charge a consultation fee, that fee is $100.00. 

Q. What are Court Costs?

Court Costs are costs separate and apart from Attorney Fees. These are paid directly to the Clerk of Court and are used by them to run their offices. They are required in ​all civil filings.Wilson & Wilson requires the pre-payment of court costs prior to all filings.

How much will my bill be on my case?

It depends. Each and every case is different, and the complexity of a case can vary based on the issues involved, the tensions between the parties, and various other factors. 

How can i reduce my legal fees?

Keep in mind that the actions and/or inactions of the opposing party and the court’s calendar are beyond the realm of your control. Nevertheless, there are a number of things that you can do to reduce your costs in contested litigation: 

  1. Be honest with your attorney at all times. Always remember that anything you share with your attorney is privileged and will not be disclosed unless you approve such a disclosure.
  2. Provide your attorney with requested items.
  3. Stay in Contact with your attorney, but don’t overdo it. If you are not returning phone calls, you attorney may have to spend more time than is necessary hunting you down in order to obtain the information they need. Conversely, don’t phone everyday, or multiple times a day, for an update. That unnecessarily increases the amount of time spent reviewing your case and may drive up your attorney fees.